New 2022 Sliming Dcool Portable Cool Hot EMS For Skin Tightening Anti Puffiness Facial Electroporation Machine Beauty Device

Price: 499.99 - 175.00


Product Parameter
Frequency                       50-60HZ
Probe diameter                37mm
Rated voltage                  110-220V
Power                             72W
Cool temperature             -15°
Hot temperature              40°
Technology                     cool + hot + EMS
Warranty                            1 year
Working principle
D-Cool is the top performer in post-care facial applications.  It utilizes heat to open the pores, and electromagnetic forces to saturate the skin layer with nourishing solutions to accelerate healing and to rejuvenate the skin directly.
After the electromagnetic application of nourishing solutions, customized to your face and skin and their situation, D-Cool uses coolness to help close the pores, locking in the absorption of nutrients, and to tighten the skin.
1. Promote lymph circulation. 2. Minus the expression lines, light bitter lines. 3. Remove the dark yellow skin and edema. 4. Remove the double chin. 5. Effectively eliminate dark circles and eye pouch. 6. Shrink pores, promote blood circulation. 7. Anti wrinkle, enhance eyes round. 8. Activate collagen layer to promote skin cell regeneration. 9. Enhance more skin elastic, more compact. 10. Enhance facial contours, promote fat dissolution. 11. As a assistant after laser hair removal Shrink pores and feels more comfortable

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