Ive been patiently waiting for my soul to be free
Ive been thinking way too much about who knows the real me
Ive been sippin and rollin everyday of the week
Ive been working girl
makin money when they all sleep
I dont give a fuck about those who go against me
I say nothing cuz FUCK EM truth is one day theyll See
My destiny wont be complete til their’s fire on the streets
and i ll be hot while i burn but i wont return in one piece


They want me in the shadows
thats where they love me most (x3)
All emotional and shallow wanna leave me all exposed
Wanna put me in the shadows but i cannot be controlled
Man i told em bitches
Never twistin words although my words are blunt for real
Told my brothers to get ready because this isn’t a drill
This the type of shit that al these bitches undoubtedly feel
And they’re fuckin mans be like this boy never get a deal
He ain’t really got no skills when he sing he fuckin squeals
And they talking all this shit while my song is playing still
Man I made myself cuz I ain’t think no body will
Workin always make the kill make it look easy like a steal
Never show fear no
you know they can smell that’s how people disappear doe
People talkin bullshit bitch don’t bring that shit in here
Unless u wanna deal with me and my fuckin musketeers doe
It’s Clear they can never say it clear when you near I don’t care I don’t ever go keep those motherfuckers near though
Didnt watch your rear door now when you turn your back don’t hesitate to pop rounds if it paid the right deniro
Fuck em

My destiny won’t be complete til there’s fire on the streets
And Ill be hot while i burn but i wont return in one piece
My body bruises and heals but all my scars I will keep
There is darkness in me so in the darkness I’ll see

Even in the Shadows
Thats When They Love Me Most
They Want me In the Shadows
Man thats when they love me most
And My enemies all around
So i keep my family close
To the real Motherfuckers
i would like to make a toast

They Wont Put Us in The Shadows

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