“Player1505 Ft Cheezy Gang-Praise (Lyrics)”

(Verse 1) (Player1505)

I Pray To God To Keep My Numbers Rising On A Daily,
Determination Got A N*ggar On Some Makaveli,
I’m Running With The Runners Triple Up I Be Like Cyrex,
I Pray To God To Give Me More Bizzz Like Miley Cyrus,
I’m Never Rapping Something Which I Know I Never Do,
I’m Rolling With The Realest N*ggars I’m Forever True,
Now Watch Me Switch Up The Business,
Blow It And Leave It With Stitches,
I Had To Skip A Few Trenches,
What Pays Me Now Are These Verses,
In This Cold Dirty Game I Had To Get My Throne,
Money Talks And You Know I Got A Better Tone,
They Try To Stand Up To Me But They Never Reach The Top,
Bcoz There’s Only One I Like Fetty Wap,
I’m Feeling Brighter And Vivid,
This Here My Life Let Me Live It,
I’m Aiming High I Ain’t Missing,
Repeatedly Im Still Winning,
I Pray To God To Keep Me Leveled On This Better View,
And Keep The Haters Coming So They Witness What I Do,
These N*ggars Still Ain’t Got No Class Though The Fees Have Fallen,
I Threw Some Punches On My Wallet Now The N*ggar Swollen.


Our Father Who Art In Heaven Forgive Us For Our Sins,
All The Crazy Little Things,
That We Do As Human Beings,
As It Seems,
This High Life Is Full Of Crazy Schemes,
And We Pray On Your Bread Of Life To Get A Big Piece.

(Second Verse) (MVP)

Give A F*ck About An Opp,
Give A F*ck About A Lame,
Give A F*ck About You If You Can’t Stay Up In Your Lane,
Lay Up To A Dunk,
Scrub The Hall Of Fame,
Made A Turnaround The Game,
Yeah This Ain’t No Bench Playing,
Man That One Look That Gun Look,
Ready For Confrontation Told Em Praise Me When I Breathe ,
They Hate What They Can’t Achieve,
One More Spade Up In My Hand,
I’m That Man They Wanna Be,
You Can’t Hate Upon A Check But They Hating On Me?
That Top Drop Like Confetti,
Cork Pop Off The Henny,
You Get Wopped Up Like Fetty,
When That Squad Come In Heavy,
2 Shots And I’m Ready For Whatever It Is,
They Never Met A Kid Steady Getting Veterans Pissed,
Yeah King James Rookie Sh*t,
Place Your Bet Bookie Sh*t,
Place Your Bet Mookie Sh*t,
Fanto With Exclusive Lit,
Yeah I Told Em Praise, Praise, Praise,
I’m In This Sh*t Forever Ain’t No Phase, Phase, Phase,
Yelling Cheezy, Cheezy, Cheezy They Yelling Gang, Gang, Gang,
Shout Out Player With The Banger,
This Sh*t Crazy,


(Third Verse) (Yusef)

Man Cool It With That Talking,
I Ain’t With That Nonsense,
I’m Only Here To Praise On Everything I’ve Accomplished,
Kids Be In The Stands, But Talking Sh*t Bout My offense,
They Judging My Decisions But Never Looked My Options,
Like I Ain’t Know You Have To Work For This Sh*t,
Put in Overtime Grind, an even Hurt For This Sh*t,
Go Broke Everyday The Same Shirt On My Sh*t,
This Life Hits When You Down I Swear The Nerve Of That B*tch,
Why I’m Curvin The B*tch,
But Still Take Her To Dinner,
I Should Have Swerved On The B*tch,
Coz Now She Think That I’m With Her,
I Don’t Brag About The Times When I Was Serving the Sticks,
I Just Rap About My Life And Then it turn into hits
Man There’s Pressure All Around Me Gotta Get Off My Ass,
Time To Kick About That Sh*t That Bring Me Closer To Lez,
Man This For All The Times That People Picked up my Slack,
Yeah And This For Every Notebook That Got Thrown In The Trash, Yeah.


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