Tiga Maine – Make It Work Lyrics

Verse 1:
Kudala ngidissa abomrepha,
I got this s#!t.

I’ve been takin’ over,
With my first hit.

Niggaz be thinking that,
I’m too legit.

I don’t disappoint,
I make it work.

She be thirsty for me,
I make her twerk.

She got a bright future,
Behind her back.

I heard them niggaz,
Sayin’ that I’m whack.

Don’t give a damn,
When I sign s cheque.

I was born to make mistakes,
Not to fake perfection.

When I stand in front of a mirror,
I don’t see my reflection.

I was the king of the east,
Now I’m a beast.

You can’t see me through the mist,
Ever since I was a kid.

I used to sing and rap without a beat.

I have to change my looks,
I have to change my style.

You know what I mean,
I gotta get to the point.

Where everyone would quit,
Lemme sip a lean.

Take this s#!t to the next level,
Up your game to another level.

I’ll be the king of the cage,
Be able to make it work.

Make it work in this week,
Make it work with this s#!t.

Never care bout me,
Imma bout to get lit. ×2

Imma bout to get lit,
Imma bout to get lit.

Verse 2:
Look at the game that I’m playin’,
This s#!t is not payin’.

Hell naw I’m just sayin’,
Oh lord just help me.

One year in this rap game,
I see no change whoooa.

God bless my grind,
Now I have to make it work.

I don’t see you in my checklist,
I only see these ladies.

Green trees that’s what I eat,
Don’t call me daddy.

Co Kayn is on the beat,
So I shine like baby.

I don’t tell no lie dawg,
I’ve passed a blunt already.

Look what I did for the game,
See what I did is a shame.

Look what I did for a name,
See what I got is a fame.

I’m a son of a dragon,
I’m all bout blue flames.

She caught me in her room wit Kelly,
Playin’ dirty games.

I got 20k in my bank account,
Tell these hoes to get naked.

Errythang is on me,
As long as we got faded.

I’m gettin’ bigger and better,
Tell my mama I made it.

I’m no longer takin’ shortcuts,
I’ll fake it till I make it.

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