Praise (Ft Cheezy Gang)

“Player1505 Ft Cheezy Gang-Praise (Lyrics)” (Verse 1) (Player1505) I Pray To God To Keep My Numbers Rising On A Daily, Determination Got A N*ggar On Some Makaveli, I’m Running With The Runners Triple Up I Be Like Cyrex, I Pray To God To Give Me More Bizzz Like Miley Cyrus, I’m Never Rapping Something Which […]


NEW YORK [6x] (AND IT FEELS REAL HOMIE THEN WILL YOU’LL BE ON A ROLL) [ThomasTekno:] Uh uh Aye yo Come visit the city That don’t never sleep But hold tight to ya luggage If you know what I mean So stay up on ya feet If you ain’t tryna get beat Because we always […]

Make It Work

Tiga Maine – Make It Work Lyrics • Verse 1: Kudala ngidissa abomrepha, I got this s#!t. I’ve been takin’ over, With my first hit. Niggaz be thinking that, I’m too legit. I don’t disappoint, I make it work. She be thirsty for me, I make her twerk. She got a bright future, Behind her […]