Birthday Party Vinyl Wall Decals Custom Names And Texts Wall Plexiglass Board Sticker Parties Wedding Ceremony Decoration Arts

Price: 9.29


Product features:
1. Material: Non-toxic/Environmental/Friendly PVC
2. All vinyl supplied is Matt vinyl. 
3. The Wall Decal is made of self-adhesive flexible premium vinyl film.
4. Decals include a transfer paper, but hasn't been installed already. So you need to install it by yourself.
5. Decals for decoration, suit for any clean smooth wall, tiles, windows, metal, closet, plastic, etc.
Please note:
1. Decals can be easily removed without damaging walls. But NOT re-usable once applied.
2. Decals are die-cut but not printed style, so don't contain a background. The wall or surface that you apply the decals will be the background.
3. Our Pictures may not reflect true size. It is just Digital example for showing purpose. To make the decal fit you space 100%, please measure your space.
Product size:
S: 78x42cm
M: 106x57cm
L: 145x80cm
XL: 200x100cm
( If you want other size, please contact us.)
Pls Leave us message for this sticker:
1. Your custom name and texts ____
2. The color code: ______
Pls remember to send us your custom name by send a message or note.
Note: The product just includes the sticker. not include balloons or board.


Product color: 
1. Colors may be slightly different depending on your monitor setting.
2. If you choose “other color”, pls leave us message on your order or contact us for the color code you wanted. All the colors on the Color chart are available.
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Pls remembe to send us your custom names and date by a message or note.

Note: The product just includes the decal, the frame doesn't include.


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