5 Pcs/Box V-line Face Slimming Mask Double Chin Puffy Lifting Firming Bandage Masks Moisturizing Gel V Shape Face Skin Care Mask

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As time goes by, Our facial contours are no longer clear. Our high quality stretchy masks have a strong lifting effect that can tighten skin and shape your face line.

How to achieve the transformation from round face to V face?

About This Item:


Contains centella asiatica root extract, cortex asiatica extract and aloe vera extract,helps to restore the firmness and elasticity lost through ageing, and eliminates sagging skin, smoothing out folds and laugh lines.


Ours hydrogel collagen mask,helps to shape the chin area and eliminate the double chin.You can see a visibly tighter jawline in less than 1 hour! Use the V-Mask regularly for long-lasting results!

√ Hypoallergenic, soft and comfortable.Super soft and won't hurt your ears or irritate your skin when you use it!

● Brand: JoyPretty
● Item Name: V-LINE Face Shaping Beauty Mask
● Net Weight: 5 pcs/lot
● Suitable: Women & Men

● Effect: firming face skin,powerful lifting,reduce wrinkles,say good bye to double chin

Package Include:

1 Box V-LINE Face Shaping Beauty Mask(contains 5 pieces)


☛More Firmer

Lifts and defines the contours of the lower part of the face through physical lifting and natural ingredients to reduce fat deposits and fine lines in the area of application.

☛More Elastic

This liquid hydrogel contains a variety of skin nourishing ingredients to moisturise the skin, soothe dryness and improve elasticity.

● Ingredient:

Glycerin,butylene glycol,acetyl hexapeptide-8,hydroxyethylpiperazine ethane sulfonic acid,aloe barbadensis leaf extract,chrysanthellum indicum extract,centella asiatica root extract,glycyrrhiza glabra root extract


1) Clean your face.Take out the mask and tear off the film on the surface.Stretch the mask as possible before applying
2) Open the mask with the gel side towards your face,stretch the mask from chin to both your ears and hang it on ears
3) Press and smooth the mask to make fit your face

Tips: Take off the mask after applying for 2-8 hours.For better results,apply once per three days.

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