3 in 1 Mini Hifu Face Machine Ultrasound RF EMS Facial Beauty Device Neck Lifting Tightening Skin Rejuvenation Skin Care Product

Price: 84.00 - 42.00

This is the newest generation Mini Hifu machine, includes main functions: HIFU, RF(Radio frequency), EMS(Micro current). LED. Need to be connected to the power supply when in use.


1.Automatic scanning and permeating skin deeply.

2.Active and firming skin, solve flabby skin problems.

3.Tighten muscle and recover the elasticity of skin.

4.Improve skin complexion and accelerate circulation, remove wrinkles.


Facial anti-aging and wrinkle reduction, face thinning, lifting and firming skin, tightening loose skin around the eyes,promote absorption.

1)Power: 5J/cm2

2)Active Area: 4cm2

3)Frequency: 3MHZ

4)Role Depth: 3-3.5-4.5mm


Radio frequency skin tightening use the latest bipolar RF technology, no side effects. It built-in safety system that automatically adjusts energy depending on the temperature of your skin.

1)Power: 4J/CM2

2)Active Area: 3cm2

3)Frequency: 2MHZ

4)Role Depth: 3mm


Handheld Skin Care Device to Lift Skin Reduce Look of Wrinkles, Mainly use for face neck skin tightening, stick to use this facial devices to reach effect of wrinkle removal, fine lines eliminating and face lifting.

1) 15W

2) 500mAh


1)Wave Length: 650nm

2)Strength: 5000mcd

3)Energy Output: 4J/CM2

Target Area:Face,Eye,Neck

Product Include

1* Mimi Hifu Machine

1* Power Adapter

1* English User Manual

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